UFO Club

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  1. Why Join the Club?
    You've found yourself here because you are a true craft beer soldier and one of our favorite people. Join & you get to be part of our army of Beerknurds, enriched with all the haps (& the hops) of craft beer life at the Saucer.
  2. What do I get if I taste 200 beers?
    Taste, Taste, Taste & Taste Beer. Get to know your fellow BeerKnurds, share your passion for Craft Beer and just have some damn fun. We track your progress to 200 beers with your UFO membership.
  3. What do I do when I become a Beerknurd?
    You join the Ring of Honor! Your name will be mounted on a plate on our wall, or ceiling, or wherever we can fit it honoring your triumph. Plus a ceremony to share your achievement with your family & friends.
  4. Then What?
    Once you’ve hit 200 tastes, you will be a bonafide trailblazer, a true connoisseur of Craft Beer and the perfect leader to bring in new folks to our tribe of Beerknurds!